Tandem is about co-creation—we work with our clients and their customers every step of the way to understand problems and design the best possible solution. Oftentimes, companies and organizations stumble because they don’t understand their customers’ needs, and consulting firms falter because they don’t understand their clients. We refuse to let that happen. If your organization has need for innovation and growth, or specific problem areas, we can help you.


We work in tandem with clients and customers to identify problems and design, test, and evaluate solutions. The diversity of perspective in our team enables us to delve into problem areas and understand issues from different angles. We then come up with solutions specific to our client’s context and capacity, and prototype models and pilot programs to test these solutions.


Tandem is a team of specialized students and community members from many different disciplines (including: business, public policy, commerce, and engineering). In addition to being trained in the design thinking innovation methodology, each one of our team members have expertise in their field.

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Reach out to us to learn more or to request a project scoping appointment. We look forward to innovating with you.